Zoom Security Improves

In response to numerous security concerns that have been raised about the Zoom

videoconferencing platform, the company has taken several steps to improve the security of your online meetings. I applaud Zoom's response to the security concerns and I, for one, will continue to use Zoom.

An important thing to note, is that if you are using Zoom's free capabilities, the old cliché rings true; you get what you pay for. What you get for free is excellent, but it is not as safe as what you get with a paid account, so please keep this in mind. If you host Zoom meetings and use a paid Zoom account and are using the Zoom software and not just using the web interface, you are more safe than not.

If you have updated your Zoom software to the latest release, you have a host of new security controls available to you. I recommend you review Zoom's Privacy & Security for Zoom Video Communications article. It details all of the security enhancement now available to you.

The two biggest enhancement are a new Security icon in your Zoom meeting and end to end encryption of your meetings. End to end encryption ensures that your meetings are not able to be intercepted by hackers on the Internet. Your audio, video, screen sharing, chats, etc. are all encrypted and only available to those participating in your meeting. The new Security button provides quick access to some of the most important security controls available to the meeting host. These include the ability to lock the meeting, which prevent anyone from joining the meeting from that point forward, enabling the Waiting Room, so that you have to approve each attendee to join as well as controlling who is able to share their screen, chat or rename themselves. You can also quickly remove any participant from the meeting.

In addition to my own analysis, you may be interested in an excellent write up from industry colleague Vince Crisler titled Zooming to Conclusions. Vince offers a more detailed analysis of Zoom's security and fundamentally, we both come to the same conclusions.