Yahoo! Here we go again…


Yahoo has been hacked…again.

This time, one billion, yes, you read that right, 1,000,000,000 accounts were compromised.  This is beyond huge and almost unimaginable scale.  Yahoo says they have one billion users a month on their services.  If that’s the case, then Yahoo has been completely exposed.

If you have every had a Yahoo account, you need to pay attention to this.  This latest hack is in addition, yes addition, to the earlier reported hack of five hundred million accounts.  This means that 1.5 billion Yahoo accounts have been compromised.  The first hack was reported to have happened as a result of spear phishing.  This latest hack appears to have been through the sites underlying code.  It’s reported that hackers were able to access to core code behind Yahoo’s services and use that infiltration to get to the accounts.

Change your password immediately!  If you ever had a Yahoo account, log in, change the password and even consider deleting your account if you no longer use it.  If you are like the vast majority of computer users and have used your Yahoo password in other places, change those account passwords as well.

The primary way that hackers are successful with breaches like this is by going to other sites, like Amazon, Spotify or others and trying the same username and password combination that was obtained from the hack.  They gain access to your accounts on other services and make purchases and pursue other nefarious goals.  Don’t let yourself be victimized.

Use unique passwords for all of your logins.  Where possible, use passphrases, a sentence in place of a password.  Replace common letters with numbers, symbols and upper case letters.  When available, use multi-factor authentication in addition to a username and password.

Stay Safe Online!

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