Working from Home? Focus@Will

If you are having difficulty remaining focused now that you're working from home, or just in

general, let me recommend Focus@Will.

Focus@Will is an audio service that uses science to customize a playlist to play in the background that will help you stay focused while you work. From the Focus@Will website they describe their service and mission as follows:

"Personalized focus music to help you get stuff done when you're stressed and under pressure." "Our mission is to help you focus."

Further, "...We Improve Concentration with Scientifically Designed Music. Neuroscientists have discovered that by nature most people can only concentrate for a maximum of 20 minutes before needing to take a break. We can increase your focus by customizing and slightly changing the characteristics of music at the right time intervals."

I've been using Focus@Will for a while and I have to say that it works, at least for me. Given the current crisis situation, they are also offering 50% off their subscriptions. For disclosure purposes, I have no interest in Focus@Will nor do I receive any referral fees or anything like that for recommending it. I just find it a good resource worth sharing.

I think this could be a great tool for people working at home who have busy households. If you're a single person in your own place, you may not have many distractions. Then again, you may still be easily distracted and benefit from something like this. I've been on video meetings where I have seen kids, spouses, parents and pets walk by or come in to the room where someone is working. If that's you, you probably could use something like this to help you focus. Let me also recommend noise cancelling headphones if you have some. That will help as well.

To help companies who have transitioned their teams to working from home, Focus@Will is also offering workplace pricing plans where you can take advantage of volume discounts. They also offer a free trial, so why not try it out and see if it helps? Let me know if you do and if you find it helpful. I'm curious to know what others think.

Here's to staying productive in challenging times!