Winks Poorly Executed Transition

If you are a fan of smarthome technology, you undoubtedly know of Wink, the smarthome company. Wink was a promising arrival on the smarthome scene, offering a lot of integrations across most smarthome technology vendors. Wink offered a single app where you could control different manufacturers smarthome technologies from one place.

For me, Wink was a solution where I could control all of my smarthome devices with one hub in my home and one app. I was able to manage our lights, leak sensors, water valve, garage doors, thermostats, smoke detectors and more with a single app solution.

Wink was a great product and service. It's a shame to see what has become of the company. The email stated that in order to maintain operations and ongoing development, Wink was transitioning to a subscription model on May 13th. For me, that was 3 days notice! For some it was a week. Clearly Wink heard a strong outcry against this and extended the deadline to subscribe to the 20th. That means at most, a customer was given 14 days notice of a complete change in business model. When most companies make a change like this, they do so with no less than 30 days notice, most are typically 60-90 days for implementing new pricing or fees.

What's worse about Winks plan is that they stated that any automations you have setup will stop working as tomorrow, the 20th. This means that any Wink hub owner who does not subscribe will no longer have any of their automations work or be able to control their devices as of tomorrow. Basically, Wink has blackmailed their user community to pay a monthly subscription or all of their Wink connected devices will stop working.

Wink probably had no choice in introducing the subscription model. It would appear that the business may be in deep financial trouble and this may be their last attempt to save the business. The $5 monthly fee is not the point, it's how they went about doing it and how they communicated it, leaving their customers almost no time to make a decision.

For me, it has left a very bad taste in my mouth. This is not how I would treat a valued customer. I have decided to move on from Wink and purchase a Samsung Smartthings hub. My ROI will be one year so in my mind, a worthwhile investment in a more stable company. I own several Samsung products and am very pleased with the products and the company.

Wink was a great product and service. It's a shame to see what has become of the company.