What About VoIP – a Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Jonathan Blackwood, managing editor of TechDecisions, for his most recent podcast on Voice over IP, VoIP. Jonathan is the Managing Editor at TechDecisions and I truly appreciated the opportunity to speak with him. He’s as passionate about the IT industry as I am and his podcasts are very well regarded throughout the industry.

TechDecisions is a division of EH Media, the company behind Commercial Integrator, Security Sales & Integration and ChannelPro magazines. TechDecisions is also the new site that brings them all together, to make it easier for technology professionals and decision makers to get the information they need to ensure project success across these evolving technology segments.

In this podcast interview, Jonathan and I discuss VoIP and what opportunities it presents for companies of all sizes and the technology partners the work with. We talked about understanding what VoIP really means and the different ways organizations may implement it. We also talk about some of the newer offerings maturing in the market and how to write an RFP for VoIP services.


You may listen to the podcast here.

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