What a Year! Thank You All!

One year ago, on June 1, 2019, I launched my consulting practice, MJ Shoer, LLC. It's amazing how quickly time passes when you pursue your passion and do what you love. To say I am grateful would be one of the largest understatements in history, yet I am very grateful every single day.

I continue to have the pleasure of working with an incredible group of clients that span the breadth of the IT industry segment in which I work. Over the last year I have and continue to work with small businesses to help them maximize their technology investments for employee productivity and profitable growth. I work with MSPs to help them refine and grow the businesses to provide first class, profitable services to their clients, enabling those businesses to grow and be more profitable as well. I work with other industry consultants to help them help their clients and I work with associations in the industry to drive member value and more. One of the projects I am currently working on will change the cybersecurity game for MSPs and IT Channel vendors to insure increased cyber resilience for them and their clients. This will be a game changer and will help our industry address the cybersecurity challenge in a way we have never been able to before. The threat is existential and the response will bring new tools and techniques to those MSPs on the front lines keeping our small and mid-size businesses safe in the face of unprecedented threats.

The world has changed significantly since I started MJ Shoer, LLC. None of us could have predicted the global pandemic we are fighting. While I would never wish this on anyone, this has been techs time to shine. We have proven that organizations are able to pivot to remote working and that the Internet is able to sustain the load. Video conferencing, once only to be found in the conference rooms of the largest corporations is now as common as having email. Businesses of all sizes are leveraging online video conferencing and collaboration to maintain operations in the face of severe in-person restrictions, albeit ones that are now easing in some cases. We have proven that business is resilient and creativity is gaining steam every day. The world as we knew it has changed, likely forever. We still don't know what the new normal will truly be, but we do know that technology will help us settle in and continue to advance as human beings and global societies.

I have been so fortunate to work in this incredible industry throughout my career. The response to my consulting practice has been everything I could have hoped for and more. I am humbled by the opportunity to continue to work in this business and help others reach their goals and develop new programs that will positively impact the world. In doing so, I get to work with some of the very best people I know. As I take this moment to reflect on my one year anniversary of this current journey, I want to thank you all for your trust. You have made this one of my most productive years yet and I am very positive about our future together. Thank you for your business. Thank you for your partnership. Thank you for doing what you do. Finally, thank you for being you.

With Sincere Gratitude,