W-2 Phishing in Full Swing

This week, the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) issued an alert of an increase in W-2 phishing schemes.

This is just the latest tax season threat, as I posted about in the posts Beware the Tax Scam and Beware the Tax Scam – Updated.


IRS and tax-related phishing campaigns targeting W-2 information, indicating an increase in the interest of criminals in sensitive tax information.”

What is unique about this alert is that this latest scam is targeting both HR staff and individuals.  In the case of HR staff, it is typically an email spoofed from a company executive, requesting that they be sent detailed W-2 information about company employees.

For individuals, the scam is often an email that tries to trick the recipient into going to what appears to be a legitimate IRS web page to enter their W-2 information.  The IRS will never ask you to do this, so that’s a clear indication of the scam.

Stay vigilant and don’t get tricked into revealing sensitive financial information.  Tax season or not, be on alert.

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