Update on the Capital One Breach

The Federal Trade Commission has released a statement regarding the Capital One data breach. You may view the full statement by clicking here.

The statement provides further confirmation as to the extent of the breach and who may be impacted. The statement also includes links to several helpful resources to aid in combating identity theft and other threats. There are also some excellent video's available to help explain some of the more complex elements of these threats.

The good news in this entire unfortunate episode is that Capital One has expressed confidence that no actual credit card account numbers or login credentials were compromised. They further state that only one percent of social security numbers were released. While they do not believe any of the stolen data has been made available in the public domain, it is still prudent to watch your accounts and credit score.

The FTC recommends that everyone use this incident as a prompt to check your free credit report and be sure there is nothing unusual happening in your name. For more information on checking your free credit report, click here. Hope you all remain safe!