Travel Tech in the Emerald Isle

We are traveling around Ireland over the next two


We rented a couple of cars and are off, on our own, across the countryside.  To be sure we get to where we are going, I’m using my iPhone with Waze for voice guided navigation.  Wave has become my trusted navigation tool over the years.  When at home, I use it to know where the speed traps are and to get rerouted around traffic jams.  Here in Ireland, it’s my GPS of choice and has been absolutely perfect.  Now driving on the left hand side of the road is a story for another time, maybe.

To keep Waze in my line of sight while not distracting me from the task of driving on the other side of the road for first time in my thirty six years of driving on the right hand side of the road, I’m using Scosche‘s awesome MagicMount system.

At home, I use the MagicMount Dash/Window mount.  This innovative suction mount

Dash Mount
Magic Mount Vent1

Ford Galaxy.

What makes the mount work is a small metal plate that you attach to the back of your smartphone.  The mount itself, has strong magnets, so when you place your phone to the mount, it sits in place nicely, even over the occasional bump in the road.  It’s the easiest and most reliable phone mount I have ever had.


The phone sits perfectly on the vent on the right hand side of the steering wheel.  This is just below my line of sight and also keeps me oriented to the right side of the vehicle, which I have learned the hard way, helps keep you from coming in to unwanted contact with things on the left hand side of the road.

I use Scosche’s boltBOX retractable lightning cable to connect my phone to a car charger to keep power


When traveling with lots of people in a vehicle, competition for the USB plug and any chargers becomes fierce.  The RapidX X-5 is the absolutely perfect car charger when you are traveling with a full car.  This innovative charger has five USB ports, allowing you to charge up to 5 smartphones and tablets from the device.  What makes it so unique, is that the charger that plugs in to the outlet in the car contains two USB ports, like most auto chargers do these days.  However, these ports are on the side and off the top is a five foot cord that connects to another piece with three additional USB ports in a clip that is designed to clip on the pocket on the back on most vehicle front seats.  This provides three charging ports for anyone seated in the rear of the car.  All the USB ports are 2.4 amp capable.  Here are some pictures of the unit in our rental car.

Put together, these travel gadgets have made for easy navigation and happy passengers as we moved from Dublin to Killarney and now to Doolin.  I’ll be posting more updates on tech I am seeing in Ireland and what I’m using to stay connected and productive.

Front Seat Charger

Front half of charger with 2 USB ports and cable connecting the rear section.

Back Seat Charger.jpeg

This is the rear section of the charger, clipped to the seat back pocket.  You can see the cable heading back to the front piece.

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