Today's the Day that Windows 7 Died

It's here, January 14, 2020, the day Microsoft is no longer supporting or issuing updates for Windows 7. This should not be news, as it has been well reported for the past year, plus.

If you are still running Windows 7 know this, you are at risk. While corporations running Windows 7 Pro and Enterprise can pay Microsoft for security updates to keep them somewhat safe, it you are not running one of those versions or not subscribing to that service, your days are numbered.

While it is unlikely that we will see any broad exploitation of Windows 7 in the coming days or possibly even weeks, it will happen. Hackers are poised to exploit what will be unpatched Windows 7 computers and use them to steal identities, data, attack others and more. You only have yourself to blame if you become a victim.

If you are a regulated entity, you are even more at risk. Regulated entities are likely to be targeted and probed. If you are exploited because you have not removed Windows 7 from your organization, you will be faced with a serious risk of gross negligence due to the time this has been known to be coming.

Upgrade to Windows 10 without delay. The ball has been in your court for well over a year and if you have waited to last minute, this is on you. Today is the day. Hopefully you are prepared and protected.

PS, in case you also did not know, this applies to Windows Server 2008 as well!