Today's Big Announcement - 2 PM Eastern #ChannelCon

Today is the second day of CompTIA's ChannelCon Online.

At approximately 2 PM Eastern today, will be the big announcement of the re-launch of the CompTIA ISAO, a cybersecurity Information Sharing and Analysis Organization purpose built for MSPs, CSPs, MSSPs, Solution Providers and anyone who delivers technology to SMB customers globally along with the distributors and vendors that support those organizations.

Tune in via My ChannelCon or the newly launched CompTIA Communities & Councils YouTube channel.

We'll be announcing our founding donors and industry partners and sharing details about some exciting strategic partnerships that will being actionable value to the industry in a new and important way. We often say technology is like drinking from a firehose. Well understanding cybersecurity threats and how to defend against them is like being pinned against the wall by a water canon! Most organizations wind up overwhelmed by the massive amount of deeply technical information surrounding cyber threats. The CompTIA ISAO team of analysts will correlate this information into targeted alerts for our members, in a format that will be digestible, actionable and automated in meaningful ways.

Tune in today at 2 PM Eastern to see the announcement and then come by the CompTIA ISAO booth in the Solutions Showcase between 3 - 5 PM Eastern today. See you there!

Check out todays Press Release for details as well.