Today is Data Privacy Day #PrivacyAware

January 28 is Data Privacy Day! Join us in creating awareness about the importance of respecting #privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust. #PrivacyAware

I have been a Data Privacy Day Champion for many years now. It's a great program that reminds us all to focus on our privacy both in our personal and professional lives. We all know how many data breaches there have been over the past several years. Having a culture around data privacy is a competitive advantage in the business world. Is your company focusing on data privacy? If not, today's the day to change your culture.

Beginning at 1 PM Eastern, the National Cyber Security Alliance will be streaming a live Data Privacy Day event from LinkedIn in San Francisco. You can watch the live event at this link. If you have time this afternoon, tune in and learn.

This years Data Privacy Day theme is "GET #PRIVACYAWARE IN THE NEW DECADE!"

“With the California Consumer Privacy Act going into effect in January 2020, this year’s Data Privacy Day couldn’t be more timely for increasing awareness among businesses and consumers about the importance of respecting and protecting personal information,” said Kelvin Coleman, executive director of NCSA. “With the tremendous growth of businesses collecting and using personal data and millions of customers putting private information online, Data Privacy Day works to encourage businesses to improve data privacy and security practices and educate consumers about the many ways their personal information can be used and shared.”

Here are a couple of great resources available from NCSA for Data Privacy Day:

NCSA has created a great tool to help you secure your privacy across many online sites and devices. Check it out at this link.

There are several graphics available to support this initiative. One of the best is this comprehensive PDF that outlines how you can be more #PrivacyAware across both your personal and professional live, as well as in your local communities.

Explore the links I've shared and the wealth of resources NCSA has available on the Data Privacy Day site. You'll be glad you did!