TikTok Caught Spying

The popular social media app has been caught spying on iPhone users by Apple. There have been security concerns about TikTok from the early days of its popularity. Initially, some wrote this off to paranoia because the app is owned by a Chinese firm. It's no secret that a lot of hacking activity originates in China, so this was not necessarily an unreasonable concern.

Initially, TikTok disputed these allegations and blamed it on 3rd party software that the app interacts with. However, these recent revelations seem to imply that TikTok has indeed been spying on users on the iPhone platform and Apple has confirmed this. The specific vulnerability involved TikTok's ability to access clipboard content on the iPhone platform, something Apple says it has now resolved.

Apple and TikTok continue to lay blame on the other party. TikTok says they are releasing an updated version of the app that does not spy on users, but given their checkered history in this regard, it's hard to believe this is the case.

Most security experts have recommended removing TikTok from your devices. These latest revelations have renewed concerns about the app and recommendations to stop using it and removing it from your devices.

If you use TikTok, it really is prudent to stop and remove the device. There are just too many security concerns to be comfortable with using TikTok.