This is Big, BigBIG!

Have you heard about the BigBIG? If not, you're missing out on one of the IT industry's most unique and focused events. The BigBIG is the big annual gathering of all of the Taylor Business Group (TBG) Business Improvement Groups (thus the BIG in BigBIG).

BIGs are peer groups of industry owners, COO's, service managers, sales managers and others that focus on improving their businesses based on proven best practices, metrics and expert leadership from their BIG group facilitator. Time for a disclaimer, I am a TBG BIG group facilitator and am proud of my affiliation with the talented group of professionals making a difference at TBG. When I ran my MSP, Jenaly Technology Group, I was a TBG BIG member and direct consulting client. TBG's expertise helped me make Jenaly the success that it was.

The BigBIG themes for 2019 are Purpose, Collaboration and Culture. These map to TBG's core values as a Channel consulting organization. You must have clarity of purpose to build a successful business that positively impacts your clients business goals. You must collaborate with your peers to maintain the appropriate perspective and understanding of the industry and the trends influencing not just the present, but the future. You must build an impeccable culture in your organization to attract and retain the best team, the best clients and to drive both employee and client satisfaction to new levels.

One of the unique things about the BigBIG is that it brings together business owners, the decision makers that drive their business forward. This presents an excellent opportunity on multiple fronts. For the MSPs attending, this presents an unequaled chance for business owners to talk to their peers, owner to owner. To share best practices and lessons learned. To avoid making mistakes you don't need to make. For Channel vendor organizations, the BigBIG offers a focused event with access to the decision maker you want to meet and work with. No other event provides the intimate setting that the BigBIG provides for collaborative business development.

The sessions are unique as well. The vast majority of the educational sessions are delivered by fellow business owners and draw on actual experience. You will hear actual day in the life stories and have the time to interact with these individuals one on one. It's an unprecedented exchange of actionable knowledge. I know several of the presenters well and the content they will share will be awesome. What other event gives you the opportunity to hear directly from individuals who have grown their MSPs to spots on the Fortune lists or have built their business from a one room office in their home to a multi-million, multi-location operation and sold it successfully. You won't only hear the success the stories. You'll also hear stories of things gone wrong, be it a growth strategy or an acquisition that didn't quite pan out the way it was envisioned. You'll hear about invaluable lessons learned to help you avoid the same mistakes along your journey.

You will also hear from some of the vendors who are attending, but it won't be your traditional sales pitch. Instead, you will hear how these vendors are innovating in the market by truly partnering with their clients to drive mutual success. Think of these sessions as Thought Leadership 2.0 and then some. There will also be a Partner Pavilion where you will be able to explore vendor partnerships to help fuel your growth.

Check out the full agenda at the BigBIG site. If you're not yet registered, there is still limited space available. Register for the event, even if you're not a current TBG client. If you're a MSP business owner, you owe it to yourself to see what the BigBIG is all about. I assure you that you will come away with tremendous value and the BigBIG will become one of your must attend events of the year. Hope to see you in Chicago in mid-September!