The End of an Era

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Today, I received notification from the Secretary of State for the State of New Hampshire that the company I founded, Jenaly Technology Group, has been “Administratively Dissolved Name Protection.”  I think this is the final page of a wonderful book that spanned over twenty years.  From making calls from the basement of our first house to secure my first client, to our office on Greenleaf Woods Drive in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  I had the privilege to experience the entrepreneurial journey, with the support of my family, working with great clients, talented staff and meeting people all over the world, some of whom remain close friends to this day.  The journey continues with Onepath and I have no regrets.  Our clients are better served than they have ever been and our staff that has remained, have opportunity limited only by their own drive.  I am proud of what we accomplished and thrilled to be part of a great company in Onepath, in the best industry there is!  To borrow a phrase from a friend and colleague, I find myself grateful, but not satisfied.  Onward…


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