Thanks Barracuda MSP!

Thank you to Erin Shaw Crowley and Neal Bradbury of Barracuda MSP for the great webinar yesterday titled "Is your Cybersecurity Playbook Ready?" Neal and I dialogued around many cybersecurity topics and how to have the cybersecurity conversation with your clients.

Neal shared several interesting facts about the current state of the cybersecurity landscape. Especially in the face of the pandemic and the racial discourse currently occurring globally, the hackers are hard at work. For example, there are over 2,000 domains registered daily related to COVID-19 that hackers are using to try to trick people. Barracuda is processing billions of email messages a day through their email security system.

I shared my past success in engaging clients in the cybersecurity conversation and getting them to implement proper and realistic cybersecurity defenses and controls. We also talked about the CompTIA ISAO and how this new initiative will be a real game changer for all MSPs in the battle against bad actors.

Barracuda MSP has made the webinar available for on-demand replay below.

You may also request more information from Barracuda MSP and download their free ebook: The MSP's Complete Guide to Cyber Security at this link. Enjoy!