Thank You Tech Heroes!

I've posted before about how these times are tech's time to shine. No doubt, no one would wish the pandemic to have happened, but there have been some bright moments. Innovation and technology have been one of those moments. Could you imagine making it through the pandemic without technology? The world truly would have ground to a halt and the situation, be it personal or economic, would have been dramatically worse had it not been for technology.

I was so excited to see this sign recently, while driving through a neighboring community.

This sign is outside the Woodman Park Elementary School in neighboring Dover, New Hampshire. It's great to see the teachers and staff thanking the IT techs for helping them deal with this very different new school year. The teachers certainly deserve thanks as well, but this is still pretty cool! With the increased pressure on technology to keep things as normal as possible and the cybersecurity threats that have come along with that, IT is more important than ever.

There are so many heroes who have emerged through this pandemic. From teachers and IT techs to hospital workers, first responders and the health care professionals working hard to find a vaccine. It's great to see them and others being recognized for their efforts.