Text Phishing is on the Rise

Have you received a text message like this?

If you have, you've received a text phishing message.

This message wants you to click on the link to get an update on your package, however even if you are expecting a package, this link is not legitimate.

In many ways, this is no different from an email phish in that the intent of the message is to get you to click something, thinking it is legitimate. When you do, you may install malicious software on your device or be taken to a web site that tricks you into revealing your credentials for a given site or system.

If this happens, you will be compromised leading to identity theft or a data breach. Also, in the case of text phishing like this, it could lead to a hacker being able to clone your mobile device which would enable them to intercept any two factor authentication text messages you receive. This is one reason why many sites and services that use two factor authentication now require you to use an app, instead of receiving the code via a text message.