Tech Industry Event Cancellations

With more and more companies restricting business travel, event cancellations are taking place across industries. Most cancellations span the next 60 days, through the end of April, though some stretch in to May and June. In almost all cases, this is being done out of an abundance of caution. Until more is known about how the coronavirus is spreading, these event cancellations are likely to continue.

In many cases, this is not just about keeping people at these events from getting the coronavirus. It's about preventing the unknowing spread, especially to those who are at high risk, like the elderly and people with compromised immune systems or underlying serious medical conditions. The virus is known to spread among people who don't even know they have it and large gathering are a fertile ground for transmission. Then those unknowing people in turn, spread it wherever they go until they are symptomatic and are told to self-quarantine. That's the potentially scary part of this situation.

My friends over at CHANNELe2e have put together a comprehensive list of event cancellations in the tech industry. This is an excellent resource to track cancellations in one place. It's a great service to the industry and encourage you to keep checking this site for updates. In addition to the event cancellations, the site also includes other valuable coronavirus information and resources to help our businesses. Thanks to Amy, Joe and the After Nines team for putting this valuable resource together and sharing it with the tech community.