Super Friday at Onepath New England

It’s the Friday before the Super Bowl, so of course it’s time for an office Super Bowl party!  We’ve closed our other New England offices and brought the entire New England team together in our North Andover hub for a fun day of collaboration.

Everyone wore their favorite Patriot’s gear and we decorated and had lots of fun game day foods.  Doreen worked her magic once again and several people brought in food items to share.


The office door made it quite clear what would be found on the other side 🙂


Lots of Patriots jerseys of past and present greats.


All the screens looped Super Bowl LI highlights to set the mood.


Balloons and decorations are everywhere.


Ken brought in his Super Bowl Champion hats from the first five, hoping to add a sixth.


The kitchen was appropriately decorated for the day.


Doreen worked her magic under Trin’s watchful (or distracted) eye.


Little doubt who we are rooting for!


Doreen’s Stadium.


Doreen’s Super Bowl Masterpiece!

The Blitz for Six will hopefully be complete this Sunday.  Go Pats!

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