So Long Onepath!

Today was my last day with Onepath.  I have decided the time was right for me to move


My last client meeting was earlier today with a client I have worked with for over 15 years!  We had a nice walk down memory lane, looking at how far we have come together.  Some very kind words were shared, along with a committment to stay in touch and get together from time to time.

It’s been a great journey as an MSP for me.  Nearly 20 years with Jenaly, another year and half with Internet & Telephone after they acquired Jenaly and another two with Onepath after they acquired Internet & Telephone.  There have been a lot of triumphs and plenty of learning experiences along the way, complete with some outright mistakes.  This is how you learn and grow.

For me, the time is right to explore new opportunities in the industry that will allow me to better balance myself and spend more time with my family at this stage of our lives.  I’m looking forward to sharing what’s next over the coming weeks.

For now, it’s time for some well earned time off.  Not quite as much as I had originally planned, but I still intend to enjoy the heck out of this summer while I continue to put what’s next into action.  I’ll be posting updates, so stay tuned.

My Dad never liked to say good bye.  He always said it was too final.  Instead, he preferred to say “so long” in the hopes of seeing you again soon.  So today, I say so long to Onepath.  I’m proud to have been a part of bringing what is known as the Northeast Region in to Onepath and I’m looking forward to seeing where the team takes it from here.  We will stay in touch!

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