Securing Your MSP #BigBIG2019

Please join me at BigBIG 2019 on September 12-14 in Chicago as I talk about Securing Your MSP.

I'm thrilled to be working with Taylor Business Group (TBG) as one of my clients. I am serving as an Executive Business Coach for TBG working with peer group and direct consulting members. As a former TBG member myself, I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to share my expertise and experiences with current TBG members.

One of my passions is making sure that MSPs are secure. Given the current landscape of cybersecurity threats, it's more important that ever to be sure that you, the MSP, are not a risk to your clients. Recent news reports have highlighted this risk and MSPs could suffer if they don't heed the warning signs. This is not longer confined to just industry press. Mainstream media is picking up on this story line as well. MSPs need to be able to effectively address the issue and do so proactively in order to survive.

My session on Securing your MSP will review the current state of MSP security and more. I will address the issue head on sharing real-world examples, both good and bad. I will offer practical and realistic advice on what every MSP should be doing today to secure themselves. If you aren't yet talking with your clients about this issue, I'll share some ideas on how to proactively and positively do so.

What are your concerns when it comes to securing your MSP? What would you like to learn in this session and others like it? Let me know in the comments or private message me. I'd like to hear from others, MSPs, Vendors and SMBs alike. Let me know what's keeping you up at night. I'll share more in future blog posts and if you attend the BigBIG, you'll be able to be part of the

BigBIG2019 is the annual gathering of Taylor Business Group where members share best practices with one another. We also open up our conference to non-members so you can understand the value of peer groups, meet our Community and see how a Business Improvement Group will fundamentally change your business forever. If you have hit a ceiling in your business or are frustrated with not growing or being as profitable as you want to be, join us to see what we are doing differently.

There is still some limited availability so register today.

For information and to register for #BigBIG2019, please use this link.