Retiring This Blog

Effective today, November 23, 2020 I am retiring this blog. I will still be blogging, but moving forward I am thrilled to announce that I will be working full-time with CompTIA and the CompTIA ISAO as SVP, Executive Director, CompTIA ISAO.

Moving forward, I will be contributing to the CompTIA blog. This dynamic, informative blog covers all areas in which CompTIA operates. As your member-led, non-profit, vendor-neutral trade association, the CompTIA blog offers a wealth of information and resources to help your business thrive, your team stay educated and well informed, resources you may share with your customers and yes, keep you up to date about all our cybersecurity initiatives. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you there. Please visit the CompTIA blog and subscribe for updates via email, RSS or whatever medium serves you best.

While I have truly loved serving my many clients across the industry and blogging here on this blog, the demands and opportunity of the CompTIA ISAO require my full and undivided attention. If you follow me and this blog, you know how passionate I am about this initiative. The CompTIA ISAO is uniquely capable and positioned to make a significant, positive impact on the cybersecurity resilience of all organizations involved in the Business of Technology (BoT).

As cybersecurity threats have increased over the years, the need for focused and timely sharing of cyber threat intelligence has become absolutely critical for MSPs, solution providers, integrators, vendors, distributors and the business consultants that support them. While tools and technologies make up the foundation of any tech stack, the qualification and sharing of actionable cyber threat intelligence has risen to become an essential part of any comprehensive defense against cyber threats. The bad actors have done a much better job at sharing information than our industry has. The CompTIA ISAO is purpose built to change this and fight back!

Thank you for being a reader and supporter of this blog! I look forward to seeing you over on the CompTIA blog! Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!