Remote Workers Pose More Risk

Shred-it, the world leader in document destruction, has released their 2018 State of the Industry Report and it includes some interesting findings with regard to remote workers.  You may click on the link to request a copy of the full report from Shred-it, if interested.


Employee negligence and a lack of information security is cited as the number one reason for this concern.  When employees work remotely, they may not be as careful as they are when working in the office.  This could be a result of using public WiFi or using devices other than company issued assets.

If you allow employees to work remotely, you should insist on several simple steps to help keep your business safe.  While not all inclusive, the following are six basics that should be considered a must for anyone who works remotely.

  1. Only allow company work to take place on company issued or managed devices.  While many companies now support a “BYOD”, Bring Your Own Device policy, those devices still need management, to ensure that company data is not stored inappropriately in locations that the company has no visibility to.

  2. Public WiFi should be avoided.  With nearly all mobile plans now supporting unlimited data, employees should use their mobile hotspot feature when not at their home or remote office.

  3. Only access company resources via HTTPS connections or over a company managed VPN.

  4. When in public spaces, be mindful of wandering eyes.  Whether at a cafe or on an airplane, nose neighbors and people sitting behind you are in easy sight of confidential information you may have on your screen.  Consider a privacy protector for these instances or sit in a location that prevents others from viewing your screen.

  5. Never let a friend of family member use a company issued or managed device.  You never know what they may expose you to.

  6. Report a lost or stolen device immediately!  If you suspect you may have exposed company data in any way, report it immediately!

Shred-it also released a great infographic that summarizes their report, which you may access here.

Stay safe out there!

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