Reflections on the BigBIG

It's hard to believe that one week ago, the Taylor Business Group BigBIG event was just getting underway. You may recall my earlier post about this event last week. Well, it was a busy, great week.

I thoroughly enjoyed facilitating the first meeting of a peer group I am coaching. The members gelled instantly, which made for an amazingly productive meeting. No one held back. Everyone shared freely and offered help to their fellow member. We tackled some simple issues and some pretty complex problems and everyone came away better business people as a result.

After that meeting wrapped up, the BigBIG got underway. It was an added bonus to catch up with some close friends that I had not seen in a few months. This is a unique event, as nearly all of the attendees are MSP business owners and much of the content is delivered by these people. So it was no surprise that the sessions were great. Educational content delivered by peers is far and away the best content you can get. Members stepped forward to share their experience with the attendees. The general sessions were great and the sponsor sessions were very informative and provided insights into where things are headed.

Only one week out and looking forward to next years BigBIG. Here's a photo gallery to give you a bit of a sense for the level of engagement at the event. Thanks to team TBG for a great job putting on the BigBIG!

The branding was really well done. Signage all the way down the halls.

Even the bathroom was branded! Being in Chicago, CompTIA was here.

Chris Romano, TBG President gave a great keynote to packed house.

Peer group meeting engagement. My session on Securing Your MSP.

No visit to Chicago is complete without some deep dish pizza and buildings touching the clouds!