Really New Hampshire?

A new report identifying the ten states with the highest rate of malware infections in the country lists New Hampshire in the #1 spot.  This is a not a first place ranking to be happy about!

New Hampshire often rates extremely well in rankings for quality of life, tax burden, technology, tourism and more.  To rank as the worst state in the nation for computer users infected with malware, is nothing short of terrible.  One could almost say that it is inexcusable.

The full report, released by Enigma Software, is available to read online here.  The report


New Hampshire ranks a whopping 201% above the national average for incidences of malware, adware, spyware, ransomware and malicious software.  This is a huge exposure to residents and businesses in the state.

Educate your self and your employees about the ways users are tricked into getting hit with these infections.  Deploy proactive and reactive training and technologies to help protect yourself and your company.  I would absolutely hate to see New Hampshire tarnished by this unenviable distinction.

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