Peer Groups = Growth

One of the very enjoyable parts of my business is working with peer groups across several organizations in the IT Channel. Peer groups aren't unique to the IT industry. In a nutshell, a peer group is a small group of businesses in the same industry that come together to help one another grow their businesses. Most have a leader or coach and meet several times a year. Peer group members are most often from non-competitive geographies, though across the larger umbrella organization that the peer groups operate under, there are other members who may within the same general geography.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with one of the peer groups I coach with Taylor Business Group (TBG) at the annual BigBIG event. I posted about that event in an earlier post. Having been a TBG client when I had my own MSP business, it's a pleasure to be re-engaged with the team and community at TBG.

This week, I'm fortunate to be working with the Producers Club community at Technology Marketing Toolkit. According to Robin Robins, the founder of Technology Marketing Toolkit, I was her second client back in the early 2000's. It's been a real treat to collaborate with Robin and her team on a project that we presented today at the quarterly meeting.

There is nothing more enjoyable that being able to give back to the communities that were instrumental in the success of my MSP business, Jenaly Technology Group, which I sold back in late 2015.

I'm also coaching peer groups for The ASCII Group, another organization I was a member of that provided immeasurable support to my business.

What's common across all of these peer group communities is a focus on continuous improvement and growth. Growing a business is hard work. It's even harder to do in a vacuum. By joining a peer group, business owners meet peers facing the same and different challenges. The environment of sharing best practices among these groups helps everyone be better at what they do. Each community has their unique element. In the case of Technology Marketing Toolkit, it's right there in the middle of the company's name...Marketing.

Today I had the honor of sharing the stage with Robin and Al Alper from CyberGuard360 as we presented the outcome of a project we've been working on for almost three months. Like any presentation, what could go wrong did, as the Internet stopped working early in my part of the presentation. Fortunately, I don't get thrown off my game too easily and was able to communicate the important message we had to deliver. I received several compliments after the presentation, so I believe we accomplished what we set out to. I can't share specifics, as this project is for the benefit of the Producer's Club members. Suffice it to say, I have every expectation that the members will be able to significantly increase the value that they bring to their clients while efficiently growing their own business in the process. That's the value we all want from our peer groups.

Here are a couple of pictures from today's presentation.

On the left is Robin kicking off the session. In the middle, I am delivering my portion of presentation and on the right, Al and I are responding to a question that was asked.