Onepath’s Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats – April 2019

Stay informed on the latest in information security with these five handpicked articles from around the web.


Georgia Tech Stung with 1.3 Million-person

Data Breach

SC Magazine

Georgia Tech reports that it suffered a data breach when a web application exposed the information of 1.3 million current and former students, student applicants, and staff members.

Norsk Hydro

Ransomware Behind Norsk Hydro Takes on

Wiper-like Capabilities 


LockerGoga, the malware that recently took down Norsk Hydro, has taken the industrial world by storm as researchers race to uncover more about the mysterious ransomware. Here’s what we know.

Insurance Risks

Insurers Gear Up for Continued Rise

in Cybersecurity Attacks


As cyber attacks rise, insurance companies collaborate on a program to help companies evaluate the effectiveness of security products and services.

Cyber Event

Why Cybersecurity Culture

Is a Leadership Responsibility  


When it comes to cybersecurity, there’s a cultural shift taking place. Brian Shield, CIO for the Boston Red Sox, and Eric Rosenbach, former assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Security, discuss the current state of global security and what leaders can do to help defend the United States.

Dark Web Dog

What Is the Dark Web and Why Should You Care?

Alert Logic

You’ve probably heard of the term “dark web,” but what is it exactly? And why does the dark web matter?

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