Off to Kaseya Connect



Kaseya Connect 2017 in Las Vegas.  This is my first time attending this event, but not my first time in Las Vegas.  While Las Vegas is not one of my preferred destinations, at least the event is at Caesars Palace, which is my favorite hotel/conference facility on the Strip.

This will be an interesting event.  This is a very “product” focused conference.  Kaseya is a software company that makes several tools to help companies like Internet & Telephone, LLC service their customers in a proactive and innovative way.  We use a few Kaseya products, as well as several others, including some competitive technologies, so I’m looking forward to seeing the product roadmap and networking with peers to see how they are leveraging the technology in their businesses.  Kaseya technologies are also unique in that they are not only used by companies like ours, but in corporate environments.  I’m looking forward to listening to the various panels that are scheduled.

I’m also very interested in the security topics that are on the agenda.  There are several, each focusing on specific aspects of the security challenges businesses today are faced with.

It should be an interesting and very busy week.  I’ll blog from the event, so stay tuned.

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