Net Neutrality is Better than Not

There are a lot of voices being heard with regard to Net Neutrality.  On December 14th, the FCC will vote on whether to rescind standing Net Neutrality regulations.

Many are in favor of removing the regulations, many more are not.  I’m in the “not” camp.  I’ve posted about this before.  For sure, there are valid arguments on both sides of the issue.  For me, the negatives of repealing Net Neutrality far outweigh the positives some people are in favor of.

I’ve met and heard two FCC Commissioners speak over the last several years.  Current FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and current FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel.  I respect them both, but agree with Commissioner Rosenworcel over Chairman Pai.

Commissioner Rosenworcel recently wrote the following op-ed in the LA Times.  It’s well worth a read and should clarify the issue for you, if you are not sure what this vote is about.

Op-Ed: I’m on the FCC.  Please stop us from killing net neutrality

If you agree that Net Neutrality should not be repealed, and I hope that you do, please consider signing one or more of the following petitions to let the FCC know how you feel:

White House Petition – Do Not Repeal Net Neutrality


Petition to the FCC: Stand Up for Net Neutrality

Leave Net Neutrality Alone: Common Cause Save Net Neutrality

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