National Small Business Week, Day 5

Forgot to post this on Friday, but Friday was Day 5 of National Small Business Week.  The theme for Day 5 was Recover.

Recover is the fifth and final pillar of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.  Recover is about how you recover from a cybersecurity event.

Recover is all about repairing and restoring systems and data that may be compromised as a result of a cybersecurity event.  Equally, if not more important, is how you communicate your recovery plan and status.  The most important parts of this step are the following:

  1. Document the lessons learned.

  2. Make improvements to policies & procedures and communicate these changes to all parties.

  3. Establish continuing education opportunities–train your employees and yourself, repeatedly.

  4. Take steps to repair your reputation, which might require you to engage with a PR firm. Decide who is responsible for communicating with external stakeholders, and what the message will be and how often you will provide updates.

This is by no means an all emcompassing list, so consult the links on the Recover page and polish off your plan.

The five pillars of the Cybersecurity Framework are 1. Identify, 2. Protect, 3. Detect, 4. Respond and 5. Recover.  As we move through National Small Business Week, I will continue to highlight one area each day.  Yesterday was Respond, today is Recover.  Take advantage of all the resources I have linked to and be sure you have a cybersecurity plan that will protect your business, before, during and after a cyber event.


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