National Small Business Week, Day 2


Following up on yesterday’s post about National Small Business Week, today is Day 2 and the cybersecurity theme for today is Protect.

Protect is the second pillar of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.  Protect ecompasses the following:

  1. Control who logs on to your network and uses your computers and other devices.

  2. Use security software to protect data.

  3. Encrypt sensitive data, at rest and in transit.

  4. Conduct regular backups of data.

  5. Update security software regularly, automating those updates if possible.

  6. Have formal policies for safely disposing of electronic files and old devices.

  7. Train everyone who uses your computers, devices, and network about cybersecurity.  You can help employees understand their personal risk in addition to their crucial role in the workplace.

Check out all of the linked resources at the Protect page.  There are some excellent materials and tools that you can use, for free, to help educate and protect yourself and your business.

The five pillars of the Cybersecurity Framework are 1. Identify, 2. Protect, 3. Detect, 4. Respond and 5. Recover.  As we move through National Small Business Week, I will highlight one area each day.  Yesterday was Identify, today is Protect and tomorrow will be Detect.

As you review each of these elements, do an honest assessment of how well your business covers each area.  This Framework is essential to estabilshing good cybersecurity best practices in your business.  If you have cyber risk insurance, your insurance carrier may start asking you to verify what you are doing to address each of these areas.  This will have an impact on your premium for coverage as well as what cyber events your insurance will actually cover, should you ever need to make a claim.  The NIST Cybersecurity Framework is the defacto standard for maintaining a proper cybersecurity stance for your business.  Take time to educate yourself and your teams.

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