Nasty Tax Phishing Scam

It’s that time of year again, tax time. This is also a time for increased hacker activity, trying to trick you in to clicking links and opening attachments related to your taxes. The activities are designed to get you to enter your credentials to what may look like a real web site, but is really one that is only designed to steal you username and password to access your real data. Another activity is to get you to open something that will silently install malware on your computer, which is designed to quietly watch all that you do in the hopes of stealing valuable information.

I want to share a very nasty example of one such risk. This is a classic phishing email, trying to trick me into clicking on a link that looks very legitimate. In the image below, I have redacted any sensitive or identifying information to protect myself and my accounting firm. They have already taken necessary steps to insure their systems are safe in the wake of this. It points out the very serious risk that accounting firms are facing. The nasty thing about this message is that it includes actual email messages exchanged last September, 7 months ago! This gives the message an aire of authenticity, when it is anything but. Check it out below and be extra vigilant and check every sender address, link and attachment before you take any action…

Accounting Phish

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