More Great Reads from CompTIA

If you read my blog, it's no secret that I am an enthusiastic supporter of CompTIA and the work that the trade association does on behalf of the IT industry. This Monday is no different as I want to share two quick reads from CompTIA's blog that are well worth your time. If you don't currently subscribe to the CompTIA blog, you are really missing out.

The first is titled "10 Things to Remember When Reopening Your Office After COVID-19." Packed with practical advice and first hand experience from members, this post will help you be sure you are reopening responsibly and safely and builds on my prior posts on this topic. For example, 94% of respondents to a recent survey responded with the following:

  • 65% will let more employees stay working remotely

  • 48% plan more social/digital marketing vs. traditional marketing

  • 47% see less business travel permanently

  • 28% are broadening their offerings

  • 27% plan to downsize physical office space

  • 24% are investing more in tech training/certifications

The post goes on to share actionable steps to take in to consideration as you reopen your office and help your clients do the same.

The second is titled "How to Calculate the Cost of a Cyberattack." This post comes from CompTIA's UK Business Technology Community but is valuable no matter what country you operate in. It talks about everything from the impact of a phishing campaign to the damage to your firms reputation in the wake of a cyberattack. With the marked increase in cyberattacks during the pandemic and current racial unrest around the world, it's a good reminder of why it's so important to continually educate and proactively defend against this risk.

The post includes a simple formula, adaptable to any currency, to help you calculate the very real cost of a cyberattack, should you sustain one.

I hope you find these excellent resources helpful. As a reminder, add the CompTIA Blog to your subscription list. You'll gain a ton of value from the content shared.