More and Better Phishing

In the wake of all the alerts for increased cybersecurity threats in the wake of global tensions I am seeing one thing happening for sure. There is a marked increase in phishing email and those messages are getting better every day.

My own systems have been trapping more phishing messages over the last few weeks and clients are reporting the same. I am also seeing corroborating reports of this across the industry and private and public sectors as a whole.

What can you do to protect yourself against these very crafty and credible threats? Be suspect of everything with a link or attachment. Don't open and click without verifying with the sender, preferably by voice, that they actually sent you the message. While cumbersome, that's your best defense, period.

Be sure that you have best in class email filtering in place to help protect your email communication. Ideally, the service that you use should have capable anti-phishing technology embedded in it to trap potentially malicious messages. If there are attachments or links, these should be sandboxed. Meaning that if there is an attachment, the service will hold the message, open the attachment in a safe "sandbox" to test it and be sure it is legitimate and then send it on to the recipient, only if it is safe. Similarly, if links are embedded in the message, the service will force those links through their own, secure, scanning before sending you on the site, making sure it is a safe and legitimate site.

Bottom line, be vigilant. Threats are on the increase and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Be sure you stay safe online.