Missing Your Office Whiteboard?

Are you missing brainstorming on your whiteboard back at the office? Not to worry. Did you know that if you subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 you have a virtual whiteboard at your disposal wherever you are? Well, you do!

Microsoft Whiteboard is a great app that's included with Office 365. You can use it in a web browser or download the app to your computer or mobile device. Voila! A virtual whiteboard wherever you need it.

If you are working from home with multiple monitors, you can keep your whiteboard at the ready on one of your screens or just call it up whenever you need it. Best of all, you can save your whiteboards so your virtual whiteboard is actually as many whiteboards as you need. They are synchronized to your Office 365 account and available wherever you log in. You can also invite other people to your whiteboard so you can collaborate or you can put your whiteboard into a collaboration platform like Microsoft Teams and share it there. You have have a personal whiteboard or a shared whiteboard, the choice is yours.

If you have a pen enabled device, it's as real as using a physical whiteboard. If not, you can type or use your mouse to draw on the whiteboard. It's fantastic. Try it out!