Microsoft Authenticator App-The New 2FA Kid on the Block

In yesterday’s post, I talked about two factor authentication and why it’s important and supported virtually anywhere you logon.  I did not mention Microsoft’s Authenticator app, which is a newer option and one that is gaining momentum and support.

Last night, I came across an article that highlighted some of the new capabilities of the Microsoft Authenticator and this has prompted me to post this update.

The Microsoft Authenticator is quite similar to the Google Authenticator app.  And in true rival fashion, Google and Microsoft continue to one up one another and right now, it appears Microsoft has moved into the lead.

Microsoft Authenticator

Especially if you have multiple Microsoft accounts, this is a huge time saver as well as considerably more secure.  With more people using Office 365 and other Microsoft Cloud services like Azure, this will make navigating the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem considerably more efficient.

Authenticator Notification

This type of push notification for logon approval is becoming more common.  Like other authentication apps, you can scan QR codes to enable the Microsoft Authenticator as your 2FA choice on sites like Facebook and yes, Google.

With all these developments in the 2FA space, you can expect to need to use multiple authenticators to secure your accounts.  Myself, I use three.  Four if you consider receiving authentication codes via text message another authentication method, which it is.

My current 2FA apps include AuthAnvil, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and text message OTP’s (one time passcodes).  What are you using?

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