May The 4th Be With You

Starting the week with May the 4th and Baby Yoda gif isn't a bad thing at all. We could all use a little distraction during these times and what better the Star Wars Day. I hope you find time to watch at least one of the movies today. It's a good family activity while we are still staying at home to keep one another safe. At least we don't have a planet killing Death Star to worry about. I think the pandemic is more than enough for most people to deal with these day.

Despite the stress of these times and the uncertainty and worry that reopening states seem to be causing, there is still a lot of hope in the world, just like with our friends in the Star Wars saga.

Those businesses that have been able to shift to remote work are continuing to operate. Many of the restaurants that have stayed open are getting great support from take-out orders and gift cards, many of which are being donated to those on the front lines. As states figure out how to safely reopen we will hopefully see more people getting back to work, provided they are able to do so safely. It seems like most people are trying their best to do their part to help stop the spread of the virus. It's not easy and plenty of people are frustrated with the restrictions and some are certainly throwing them aside. That's to be expected I guess.

This may take longer than any of us wish, but we will all get through this together. There will be opportunity on the other side. What are you doing to prepare your business to be ready when things do finally open up?