May Cybersecurity Updates from Onepath

Here are five timely cybersecurity udpates from Onepath


Microsoft Issues Rare Legacy OS Patch

to Prevent Another WannaCry


Microsoft releases a new patch for a handful of legacy operating systems that it no longer services after finding a critical flaw that could start another global cyberattack.


Baltimore Leaders Ask for Federal Disaster Aid

After Ransomware Attack


Baltimore officials seek federal aid to assist in the cleanup of damage caused by malware after over 21 days of shutdown.


What’s Missing From Most Business Continuity Plans


As a business leader, you know your company needs a business continuity plan, but what steps should you be taking to ensure your plan is more than just an idea?


HHS OCR Clarifies Direct HIPAA Liability of

Business Associates


The Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights releases a fact sheet around business associate liability under HIPAA. If your company acts as a business associate for a healthcare organization or handles protected health infromation (PHI), this could affect you.


Joomla and WordPress Found Harboring

Malicious Redirect Code


Security researchers are warning owners of Joomla and WordPress websites of a malicious redirect script that is pushing visitors to infected websites.

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