Marriott and Dunkin Data Breaches

If you’ve seen the news this morning, Marriott has confirmed a massive databreach of their Starwood rewards program database.  The breach may have exposed extremely sensitive information including Passport and payment card data.

If you are a registered member in the Marriott or Starwood systems, you should immediately change your password and monitor your accounts very closely, as a precaution.  It appears this breach may have been ongoing for several years.  More to follow as details come in to focus.

Also today, Dunkin Brands announced a breach of its DD Perks program.  If you are a DD Perks member, same drill.  Change your password and monitor your linked accounts closely.

You should never use the same password for multiple accounts, so if you do, pay special attention to those other accounts that use the same password.  Change those too, enable multi-factor authentication wherever possible and put alerts on your bank and credit accounts, so you get an alert for every transaction.  It may be your only way to catch anything suspicious.

I will update with more information as the details for both of these breached become more clear.

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