Maintain Your Sanity with SaneBox

If you’re like me, you get a LOT of email every day.  For most people, this also means a lot of email to multiple email addresses.  The volume can be overwhelming.

In my work, I see clients all the time, who have massive email boxes.  While it was never intended to be a digital filing cabinet, email has evolved to be a primary storage mechanism for many people.


The concept of Inbox Zero is that you touch each new email only once, reading, responding, scheduling or deleting the message so it’s not sitting in your Inbox reminding you that you need to take action on it.  Those who follow the Getting Things Done, or GTD, philosophy of time management and personal productivity are quite familiar with this concept.

SaneBox is a great email utility that helps you achieve Inbox Zero and more efficient management of your email.  It works with all major email services like Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo Mail and corporate email systems.

When you subscribe to SaneBox, you assign training rules to your mail flow.  Most of this is automatic, what SaneBox does well.  Along with the automated training, you have the ability to create custom training rules and override trainings that may not work for you.  Instead of using lots of rules to move incoming email to other folders, SaneBox does this for you.

In my own mailbox, I have come to relay on folders such as SaneBulk, SaneLater, SaneNews and SaneNoReplies.  SaneNoReplies is my favorite.  When I send an email to someone that needs a reply, SaneBox automagically places that message into my SaneNoReplies folder.  I scan that folder each day and delete the messages that I have received a response to or no longer need to.  The rest remind me to reach out to the person I am waiting for and ask them to reply.  A simple and highly effective little trick.  The other “Sane” folders are fairly self explanatory.  Those messages that can wait to be reviewed are moved to the Later folder, subscriptions and news broadcasts flow to the News folder and bulk email finds it way to the Bulk folder.

I subscribe to the Lunch plan for $99 per year.  This covers my work and personal email addresses and I’ve found the increased focus of my Inbox well worth the cost.  For $99 a year, I have an automagic assistant that reviews every email message I receive, which number close to 500 some days, and organizes the messages so that I only see those messages that are important and/or actionable in my Inbox.  The rest filter out to the various folders that I review either daily or every few days.  It’s an excellent tool that I highly recommend.

If you’re interested, you can get a 14 day free trial by clicking here.

Disclaimer: If you sign up after clicking this link, I will get credit.  If enough people I know subscribe, the cost of my annual subscription will be reduced.  You may then share your experience and if people you know subscribe, you will enjoy a similar discount.  Smart marketing from a smart company that is making email a lot more sane for me.

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