Mac Users Need to be Vigilant


Mac, beware.  Security researchers have discovered a malware targeting Mac’s that is very likely a variant of the malware used to hack the Democratic National Committee during last years election.  What’s worse is that this particular piece of malware is believed to be tied to a group affiliated with Russian military intelligence.

Yes, the Russian hackers.  The same ones that are being talked about each and every day for their reported efforts to sway the US Presidential Election and their potential undue influence over the present Administration.

Politics aside, this group is purported to be the most sophisticated hacking organization in the world.  Why they are now targeting Mac computers is not yet known.  Nor is it known how they are distributing the malware, but it’s out there.  If you are using MacKeeper for anti-virus, replace it, as a vulnerability in that program appears to be the most plausible point of penetration.

Don’t but in to popular misinformation that Mac’s are not vulnerable.  They are and this proves it.  Be sure you have strong anti-virus and anti-malware protection, keep it updated and perform regular deep scans on your Mac to be sure it’s clean.

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