Luxafor Flag = Sanity @ Home?

One of the real challenged with so many people working at home is maintaining the balance between home life and work life. We've all seen it, a child, pet or other family member suddenly busts into the scene of a virtual business meeting. Sometimes it's cute, sometimes it's funny, perhaps even embarrassing and other times it may be aggravating.

For those who have had home offices in place, this may not be as much of an issue. For many who have recently found themselves working from home for the first time, it can be a big issue. You may have had to take over the dining room or some other shared space in the house. In these cases, it can be difficult for others to know when it's safe to talk to you and when it's not. More importantly, when it's safe to invade your space and when it's not, because they will find themselves on video for all your colleagues to see.

The Luxafor Flag is a smart, inexpensive solution to this. The Luxafor Flag is an LED flag that plugs in to your computer via USB and will show others your status. For example, if the flag is green, it's safe to approach you or come into the area where you are working. If it's red, you're busy and don't want to be disturbed. My rule has always been that if my flag is red, I only want to be interrupted if someone is bleeding or we're about to lose a client. You can obviously come up with your own criteria

Another great thing about the Luxafor Flag is that it integrates with popular presence software like Microsoft Teams. When you integrate it with Teams, when your Teams status is busy, like when you are in a scheduled meeting, the flag will automatically turn red at the time the meeting starts and back to green when the meeting is done. You can also assign keyboard shortcuts to change your flags colors. I mostly use mine integrated with Teams, but I also have keyboard shortcuts set to quickly change my status. Ctrl-G changes it to Green. Ctrl-R changes it to Red. Ctrl-B changes it to Blue and Ctrl-O turns it off.

My family knows that if my Luxafor Flag is Green, that means it's OK to come into my office and you can talk to me, make noise or just come get something off the printer. If it's red, I'm on a call or video meeting and they should not come in. If it's Blue, that means I'm on a call, but on mute, so they can come in and talk to me or just get something if they need to without risk of being seen or heard. It's simple and it works really well. At around $30, the Luxafor Flag is a great addition to help you work from home without worrying about untimely interruptions. There is even a bluetooth version that you can place outside your office door, for example, if that may be a better solution for you. It's more expensive, but serves a purpose.

For me, the Luxafor Flag is a great tool, especially for working from home or in a busy office environment to help manage interruptions. I'm also partial to it because the company is based in Riga, Latvia, the home of my paternal grandmother.