Keep Your Tech Cool Too

With the first major heat wave of summer 2019 working its way across the United States, it's a good time to remember that in addition to humans and pets, our technology needs to keep cool too.

The strain on the electric grid will be significant this weekend as air conditioners work overtime to keep people cool. If you have on-site server infrastructure at your business, you should also have dedicated air handling in a dedicated server room. You may want to think about raising the temperature in that room a degree or two as we move through these next few days. The rest of your office, if unoccupied, should be set at the highest temperature you can be at. You should shut down all non-essential electronics, to keep them from generating heat. From computers to coffee makers to monitors, TV's and more, shut down whatever you can to keep the temperature as low as possible in your office.

If your infrastructure is in a data center, you likely have the cooling and power necessary to weather this heat wave without issue. Even if the power grid suffers any brown outs or worse. Data centers are designed for this and that's why it's a good idea to move what infrastructure you can to a data center or the Cloud, where the resources are managed for you.

Be sure you don't keep your laptop, tablet or mobile phone in your car these next few days. Also avoid direct sunlight as these devices will overheat quickly and could easily be damaged by the extreme heat.

I hope you enjoy the heat, because it's here. Keep cool, keep your pets cool and to the best of your ability, keep your tech cool. Happy Summer!