It’s Week 4 of NCSAM #CyberAware

Sorry to be a little late with my Week 4 post.  I was traveling for a family wedding and to celebrate my wedding anniversary, so I’m just now getting back to my blog.


This is Week 4 of National Cyber Security Awareness Month and this weeks theme is all about careers in cyber security.  There is a national deficit in IT talent in this country.  Some estimates put the number of open jobs in IT at over 1 million.  Add to that the growing needs for expert skills in cyber security and you start to get a sense for the issue at hand.

Most schools have historically focused on software coding when it come to exposing students to IT.  As we know, IT is about a lot more than just coding.  The skills gap is wide and we need to take steps to narrow and erase the gap or we will lose our competitive edge.

Cyber security skills are unique and that is why this week has been dedicated to exploring ways to get more people interested in careers in cyber security.

Review this infographic to learn more about critical skills, jobs and more details about career opportunities in cyber security.

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