It's Week 2: Build a Kit

September 6-12 of National Preparedness Months theme is Build a Kit. This focuses on making sure you and your family members have emergency kits ready to deal with the unexpected. This year, different from previous, there are updated recommendations that take into account the COVID-19 pandemic.

For years, survivalists or those sometimes referred to as preppers, have maintained high levels of preparedness to make it through unthinkable events. The focus of National Preparedness Month is perhaps a more practical approach to this concept. It involves having enough emergency supplies on hard to survive at least three days in the event of a severe natural disaster or other type of event that would make sheltering in your home necessary. has several resources available to help your evaluate your needs and put together kits that make sense. There are even recommendations for emergency kits for your vehicles, which make a lot of sense. I was stranded in my car during a storm on my way home from college many years ago and had to wait hours until a State Trooper finally came upon me. I would have benefited from having a small emergency kit on hand back then.

Check this link for a wealth of resources to help you put together you own kit. Be Prepared!