It's the Final Day of #ChannelCon Online

The engagement over the last three days has been great. A virtual event is tough to pull off and the CompTIA events team has once again don't a wonderful job with ChannelCon, especially considering the pandemic and the need to be fully remote.

The general sessions have shown great leadership and provided excellent insight into important subjects that impact us all. The focused track sessions have been targeted, timely and just the right amount of time to avoid online fatigue. The Solutions Showcase was packed with exhibitors and visitors. An online booth is not an easy thing to run or visit. From what I have seen, everyone is doing a great job conveying their message, their value and interacting with one another.

The end of day wind downs have been a a lot of fun. It's nice to see so many new and familiar places in one big Zoom, celebrating the days events and looking to the future. Each day I have had two full screens of industry leaders, committing to improving this business for the benefit of all. A great testament to the important work that CompTIA does every day on behalf of this industry and the customers we all collectively serve.

Hope to see you online for the final day of ChannelCon 2020.