It's National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! #BeCyberSmart

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This years theme is “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.”

As stated on the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month page on the National Cybersecurity Alliance website, "The line between our online and offline lives is indistinguishable. In these tech-fueled times, our homes, societal well-being, economic prosperity and nation’s security are impacted by the internet."

I could not agree with this statement more strongly. It's why I devote most of my time to my work as the Executive Director of the CompTIA ISAO, an Information Sharing and Analysis Organization that shared critical cyber threat intelligence, best practices, research and education with our members to make the IT service industry more resilient in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Each week of the month has a focus theme as well, supporting the overall message to "Do Your Part."

The first theme for next week is "If You Connect It, Protect It."

The week of October 12 is "Securing Devices at Home and Work."

The week of October 19 is "Securing Internet-Connected Devices in Healthcare."

The final week of October 26 is "The Future of Connected Devices."

All timely and important themes. Check back each week for posts covering these themes.

Stay safe online!