It’s a Big Day! We Are Onepath!!


Today, I’m excited to share news about my current company.  As most of my readers know, in December of 2015 I sold my original MSP Jenaly Technology Group to Internet & Telephone, LLC and joined I&T as their CTO.  Today, I’m excited to share that I&T has rebranded as Onepath, having been acquired by Onepath a few months ago.

I am now the Director, Client Engagement & vCIO working out of our New England offices.  Our Client Engagement team is dedicated to servicing our clients at the highest level in the industry.  I’m excited to be spending more time with our clients in this role, both leading our Client Engagement team and consulting with them as their virtual CIO.

We still have our New England office at our new North Andover Network Operations Center at 56 High Street along with our offices and datacenters in Portsmouth, NH and Boston, MA.

Onepath is the “easier way to get hard things done” and our New England team is proud to be part of the team.  We design, deploy and support technology from “cable to Cloud.”

Our corporate headquarters is now in the southeast, in the metro Atlanta area.  Onepath is a diverse national company and our business unit, IT Services, is based out of our beautiful Symrna, GA office.  Together, our 900 employees across North America bring more horsepower, more commitment and a more complete game plan.  That’s how you get hard things done.  And it’s the only way we do things at Onepath.

Today opens a bright new chapter in the legacy of Jenaly and I&T as we move forward as Onepath to help our clients reach their business goals through smart and innovative applications of technology.

The future is bright and I’m grateful and proud to be a part of it.  


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