It Happens One Month From Today


On May 25, 2018 GDPR goes into effect.  What is GDRP?  It’s the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.  In other words, it’s the newest and most sweeping data protection law in the world and it’s implications extend beyond the boarders of European Union member countries.

GDPR will replace the prior regulations, which were enacted in 1995.  The Internet was just gaining mainstream recognition in 1995, so this is a significant replacement, though EU regulators are downplaying the immediate impact of the changes.

In practical terms, GDPR introduces new rights for individuals and new requirements for businesses related to the storage and dissemination of personal information.  For the individual, they will have more access to the information that companies hold about them.  The companies holding that data have to meet enhanced security requirements related to personal information.  Business are also subject to a new range of fines, should they violate the new regulations.

There has been some considerable angst about GDPR among private industry and the tech industry specifically.  With four weeks to go, I’m sure you will be hearing more about GDPR as the implementation date draws closer.  I’ll be blogging about GDPR over the next month as we prepare to see the real impacts come online on May 25th.

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